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[this is good] I really love my iPhone. Finally iPod and cell all in one. One kick-ass iPod and pretty good cell phone. Enjoy!

I love sitting on the front porch reading the weekly rag, and when they talk about music that sounds interesting, I can wi-fi to the iTunes Store and listen and/or buy selections from the iPhone.


[this is good] I love my iPod Touch. since the apple is releasing their sdk for iPhone comes out in February. I would great if these new 3td app will come to the ipod touch. For now, If I was going to Buy iPhone I may wait for Gen 3.


I ordered an Ipod touch...soley for the WIFI capabilities so I only got the 8...I have an Ipod video for music and such...I am hoping I can do all of my internet errands from the ipod rather than toting the laptop around...am I mistaken?

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