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ATT has put together a shiny new Web 2.0 Informational FAQ site about their not so-great Bandwidth Cap and Overages And everyone, featured in top Informational slideshows are so happy with ATTs new "Pure Greed Business Plans" Bandwidth Cap and Overage charges. www.MyUsage.att.com


Right now ATT is running TV Ads in the SF market, stating they are in the process of Upgrading their Wireless network too be the fasting in the Bay Area. But yet, they have the most Restrictive Data Cap of any US. Wireless Carrier. Also ATT are Upgrading their nation Internet Backbone to handle the ongoing growing demand of web traffic. So there enough Bandwidth go around everyone without these ridiculous Data Caps. If ATT U-Verse TV can handle 4HD 24/7 Streams. Then UV internet can handle Unmetered Unlimited Net access for everyone. ATT just want to protect their Profits.

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